Volume 1

February 28th: Here’s number 1 (sans download while I figure that out). I went with a pretty low key set of songs here – hopefully a good mix of artists you know and some you don’t. I had to represent e-dubble, who is probably the hardest working MC out there right now; after wrapping up his last Freestyle Friday (new track every friday for 53 weeks) installment a few weeks ago, he dropped his latest project last week, a new mixtape with 25 tracks. His sound is still a little bit raw in my mind, but what more can you really expect from someone who has put out over 75 songs in the past year? Also been listening to a lot of Childish Gambino lately so I had to give him some representation as well, he’s got a real strong, crisp sound coupled with seriously potent lyrical style.  Gambino’s following has been growing quickly and he seems to be on his way up, fast. He’s about to go on tour, I’d suggest checking him out if you can.  ENJOY.

Download here:
listen2me V1.zip


The Launch


February 27th: Welcome to listen2me, my first foray into the already-cluttered world that is music blogging.   Staying simple, I’m starting this to keep sharing the music I love and to keep me finding new music and artists every day.   Music has played a big role in my life for as long as I can remember and discovery has always been a big part of what I loved so much about it.  I grew up searching through my parents’ CDs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s and today that search continues on the neverending intersection of human culture that we call the Internet. As I sift through this endless stream of content, listen2me will serve as the outlet for my musical surveying and a way to keep doing what I love, sharing music.

For now, the concept is simple: one volume a week for a year to give you a listen to what’s in my ears – won’t lie, I may include the occasional hit but the idea is to put you on to music that you might otherwise miss or look past.  If you’re so inclined, stop by every Monday for some new music to help get you through the week.  Enjoy.