Volume 2

March 7th – Playing off of last week’s set of songs, this volume features a lot of the same artists, which is no mistake because they’re names that are on the rise.  I included a couple songs from The Dean’s List’s recent mixtape, The Drive-In.  It’s been easy for me to pass Dean’s List off as another example of what has become a very crowded “college rap” scene.  Yet, like many others in the genre, they prove themselves with good music and a fresh sound that just makes you want to put it on repeat.  I can’t stop thinking I’m listening to some mix of Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne when they’re stuff is playing, but its done in a way that makes it their own – and I guess you could come up with worse comparisons to elicit.  The second half of the volume has a definite change in tempo and feel, Dear Rachael is off of Madison, Wisconsin rapper Stereotype’s recent debut mixtape, Welcome to my Spaceship.  He’s got a smooth sound and good flow that I’m looking forward to hearing more of.